Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Managed Print Services, Beware the Hype!

Here is an excerpt from a spot-on article about the "industry noise" that is coming from the large printer/copier companies in regards to managed print services (from MSPmentor)

A rather interesting trend has emerged in the printer industry: Traditional sales have been weak, so printer makers have been working overtime to say they lead the next-generation managed print services market. No doubt, MSPmentor thinks managed print services offer lucrative opportunities to many MSPs. But the industry noise is becoming overwhelming — and perhaps a bit misleading. Here’s an example of what I mean.

According to Hewlett-Packard:

“In just three years after entering the managed print services (MPS) market, HP has surpassed its competitors according to recent industry analyst studies including Gartner and Photizo Group, and has now been named worldwide leader in number of MPS contracts by IDC.”

At the same time, Xerox, Oki Data and other printer providers have been evangelizing new or expanded managed print services initiatives.

In reality, Xerox was just about the only printer maker talking about managed print services for VARs when we launched MSPmentor roughly two years ago. A prime example: Do IT Smarter and Xerox in early 2008 hosted a road show for PagePack managed print services long before many rivals were out talking about the topic.

See the whole article here.

This article is loooong overdue. I am glad another source for solid MPS information is exposing the charades of these large companies who are "leaders" in managed print services. Honestly HP, Xerox, Oki Data Leaders?? Total Bull...

The CEO of our company who has been developing our PrintDOME managed print services program for 15 years is going a little crazy from receiving phone calls from sales guys who are calling him asking him if hes interested in buying MPS. When one such salesman asked him this he replied, MPS? What is that? and the salesman replied I am not really sure but I am going to a conference for a couple days and when I get back we will be selling it...

I can't write the "R rated" comments that my CEO has for people like this on this blog.

I can't say it enough, the "Big Boys" (Xerox, HP, Oki Data, etc.) are NOT experts in managed print services. Granted they are giants with more money than God, excellent marketing departments and the ability to manage global accounts however the real experts are smaller companies composed of folks like our CEO who have been doing this before the term managed print services even existed.

If you or your boss is looking to get an MPS program for your company please do your homework and look for the real experts. You may very well have a smaller local MPS provider in your area who can give you the best possible MPS program.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Xerox develops chemical armour

Xerox develops chemical armour to extend the lifespan of printer components

From Recycler Magazine's website:

Xerox scientists have developed a new chemical armour that protects photoreceptors. A photoreceptor coated with the new "armour" can survive more than one million revolutions - nearly doubling its usable life. "The long life of the photoreceptor reduces the need for replacement cartridges" say Xerox.

New "super coating" hints at how smart materials, nanotechnology will influence future design of office and production products

Tasked with developing ways to extend the lifespan of printer components - and reduce their impact on the environment - a group of scientists at Xerox Corporation have developed a new chemical armour that protects photoreceptors, the light-sensitive elements in xerographic machines.

Read the whole article here.

Monday, November 9, 2009

New Managed Print Services Group on Facebook

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Managed Print Services group on facebook. The group is intended to be a place on the facebook social network for people who work within the MPS Industry to connect with each other as well as customers or those who are simply looking for information about Managed Print Services. Our hope is that experts within the industry will contribute content to the wall stream as well as the discussion page so that together we can aggregate a wealth of information pertaining to managed print services. It should be noted this group is an educational endeavor and not a place to push your products or services and all content will be moderated as such.