Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sigilize For Sales Success!

Sigils are a tool used for bending reality, that is to say, increasing the probability of a statement of intent (desire) to manifest.

I suspect that I have peaked the interest of those of you who work in sales and marketing and for good reason. Bending reality (also known as magick) is an art form which heavily parallels modern marketing and sales psychology/practice.

The technique of sigilzation which I use for my own sales endeavors is a take on artist and magician Austin Osman Spares version of said craft.

That is to say that by way of a created symbol, made from the letters of a written statement of intent, one advertises a desire to their own subconscious mind with the intent of changing ones own psychology to alter ones decisions throughout the day in a way which will increase the probability of ones success in achieving said desire.

It should be obvious to those of you who work in advertising that sigils are almost synonymous with logos. Indeed, it has been stated that logos are simply viral corporate sigils which work heavily upon the subconscious mind of consumers on a daily basis.

From the fourth article linked above:
In “Pop Magic!” – Morrison’s manifesto on how to be a modern magician – the author writes about the power of viral sigils. He writes, “The viral sigil also known as the BRAND or LOGO is not of recent development (see ”Christianity,” “the Nazis” and any flag of any nation) but has become an inescapable global phenomenon in recent years.” He further goes on to write, “The McDonald’s Golden Arches, the Nike swoosh and the Virgin autograph are all corporate viral sigils.”

More Examples: Coca-Cola, Burger King, Disney, Pepsi.

I am willing to bet that you are able to vividly recall what each of the logos of the aforementioned companies look like in your minds eye. I am also willing to bet they produced very specific emotions when thought of.

The difference between spares techniques of sigilization and that of corporations like those mentioned above, is that those done in the style of spare are used by the individual person to change their world via crafting their own subconscious feedback where the viral corporate sigils mentioned above, are made with the intent of  manipulating the masses subconscious with a desire based upon that corporations intent.

Basically, corporate logos are long-term attempts of a small group of people to manipulate the decisions of people en mass, where spares work is focused on an individual using their own personal symbology to subconsciously affect change within themselves and by extension, the world as it relates to them and their needs.

As there has been much written on modern sigilization techniques and while I could write my own guide, I would like to point interested parties to an advertising professional and blogger who has written an exquisite guide that far transcends the need for any additional perspectives on such matters (at least from my point of view) which can be found here

I would also advise further research on Grant Morrison's (the biggest name in comics today) work and perspectives regarding sigils, from one article Grant states:

Corporate sigils are super-breeders.They attack unbranded imaginative space.They invade Red Square, they infest the cranky streets of Tibet, they etch themselves into hairstyles. They breed across clothing, turning people into advertising hoardings. They are a very powerful development in the history of sigil magic, which dates back to the first bison drawn on the first cave wall.
The logo or brand, like any sigil, is a condensation, a compressed, symbolic summoning up of the world of desire which the corporation intends to represent. The logo is the only visible sign of the corporate intelligence seething behind it. Walt Disney died long ago but his sigil, that familiar, cartoonish signature, persists, carrying its own vast weight of meanings, associations, nostalgia and significance. People are born and grow up to become Disney executives, mouthing jargon and the credo of a living corporate entity. Walt Disney the man is long dead and frozen (or so folkmyth would have it) but Disney, the immense invisible corporate egregore persists.

The thing about many of the corporations who have been using this technology for so long is that they don't really want these ideas available to the public. The archetypical salesmen of the world would prefer you don't open your mind and express your will so much as they hope for you to gladly consume theirs.

The intent of this article is to provide knowledge and information of this technology so that you can as a customer/consumer be aware of what kinds of subtle attacks happen to you on a daily basis and how you can flip the script on such attacks and begin to craft your reality with your own symbolic expressions of self.

If these ideas resonate with you I would invite you to consider furthering your studies to include the concept of the hypersigil which is essentially a story or work of art which by way of its fictional universe creates changes in the authors reality.

Grant Morrison's comic series "The Invisibles" is an example of a hypersigil. In this tradition, I have also created a comic series based around my "Destroy Your Printer Contest" which acts as a hypersigil to some extent and can be found here.