Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Social Media Minus The Bovine Feces

Alright, I know there are a lot of you in the managed print services industry out there who are not yet utilizing social media to market your brand or generate sales.

This ends today...

I present to you the book both you and your CEO need to read if your on the fence or not considering social media at all as part of your marketing plan.

"No Bullshit Social Media" by Jason Falls and Erik Deckers will show you the proof about the ROI inherent in social media and provide the kick in the pants needed to get you on the social web. It will also give you the tools and resources needed to succeed in said space.

The book is describe by Jason below...

"Erik and I walk readers through what social media marketing can do for business, how to decide what you want it to do for yours and how to plan, activate and measure what you do. This book is not about Facebook and Twitter. It’s about using social media marketing as a business driver. It’s no-nonsense, no smoke-and-mirrors … No Bullshit. It will reinforce what you know, give you more ideas and help those you work with see social media marketing as a viable mechanism to reach, involve and persuade consumers to do more than “Like” or follow."

Like it or not folks social media is here to stay and like I have said in the past, if your not involved yet your running late.

No Bullshit Social Media is a surefire way to start or improve your social media program. Whether your a recent adherent to the social realm or just getting started, this book is a tool that you must have in your arsenal for social media success.

Read more about the book here.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Why Sales Should Be Social

At this point in my career I believe that I have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that social media can be most profitable, even if you are given no budget to work with.

While I manage social media for my company I am also a member of the sales team and all of the sales generated by social media within my company have (thus far) come from my clients, several of whom I garnered through or in conjunction with social media efforts.

So it is with true gusto that on this day I do declare...

Everyone in your sales department should be involved in social media.

Is there a learning curve? Yes, but really its not rocket science and the skills needed to be a great sales professional parallel many of the skills necessary for any social media pro.

Many dynamics of the sales culture (networking, after hours gatherings, schmoozing, building trust) can be taken to new levels when social media is applied to said culture.

Most of the information needed to become a successful social media professional can be found for free on the internet. With some time dedicated to self education any individual who is already a sales professional can easily become proficient in the realm of social media.

If nothing else starting with the "big 4" a blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn one can generate sales and buzz within a years time (I know, I have done it).

Reading other marketing and sales professional's blogs as well as spending a few pennies on educational sites such as can launch an already successful salesman or woman into new heights.