Wednesday, March 5, 2014

He Returns

I am sure many of you (at least those of you who still follow this blog) are surprised to see this post. It has been almost a year since my last one. This is for many reasons. I had decided to take a break from bloging around this time last year and resume the craft within a few months. Around the time I had intended to start again, one of my most beloved friends died in a car crash.

While I won’t go into details, those of you who have lost people very close to you know this is a debilitating experience. By the time I had begun to get my head together months later, I simply had come to the conclusion that I was tired of writing about MPS. Everything I wrote up to that point could be condensed in a short sentence. “Either you are doing it right and succeeding or you are doing it wrong and are failing.

This has not changed and considering the fact that in addition to being my company’s social media manager I am a major account manager with many contract customers, I simply had less time to focus on the blog. Furthermore, the content I created with the destroy your printer contest is timeless and very effective in the sales process as I can drum it up on my smartphone in real life and show my prospects during initial sales meetings.

I simply came to the conclusion that for the time being the blog would remain “asleep”. I suppose I am writing today to let any interested parties know that if all goes right I hope to have some new content up within the year and a few promotional videos based on the lord of the rings type of mythology and a spoof on the Ghostbusters.

Now, you will notice there is a second author on this blog who has yet to post. Bob Chernisky, Jr. the son of our marketing manager also wears multiple hats in this company and is bravely battling through personal struggles in the same way I have while balancing his other responsibilities in the company.

It is our hope to bring life back to this blog in the coming months however I must point out… I will not be driven by the cliche admonition that I should writing three to five posts per month. I will write when I feel inspired and only then.

You see, I accomplished everything I set out to do when I entered B2B social media back in 2009 and I set a standard in managed print services in that respect, one which does not touch the mighty echelons of folks like Greg Walters or Art Post but I never wanted to get that deep in the waters anyway.

I wanted to create something magical and something fun that reminded people that we are human and even in the staunch and ultimately grey atmosphere of B2B industrial workings that we can still find that fun and that magic and use it within such a context to connect with other human beings.

While I did use social media to sell MPS, I don’t need it to do so. That being said, I do want to stay connected and will use this medium as a device for such ends.