Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TCO And The Human Footprint

It is an age old question...

Which is better, centralized copiers versus local printers?

We here at Expert Laser Services support both kinds of devices, we do not go into this discussion with a strong bias.

The honest answer is “IT DEPENDS”. The fact is that copiers and printers can have exactly the same “cost per print” if the right device is selected for the application. Typically, copiers cost more and are leased while printers cost less and are purchased or leased at a lower cost. Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO) is the real figure that you want to know. TCO takes into account the monthly lease payment, the cost per print and any and all supplies, parts, and service charges that are added.

There is one additional major issue....
The Human Footprint...

IF employees who do a lot of printing are required to walk distances to retrieve their prints, the cost of that time far exceeds any savings that may or may not exist on Cost-of-Ownership. When employee labor is included, there are few scenarios where centralized printing is cost-effective. But, there certainly are times when it is.

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