Thursday, July 30, 2009

Winner of the Destroy Your Printer Contest!

PremaTech Advanced Ceramics in Worcester, MA was the winner, however they declined the free toners! So the runner up - The Cottage Revolution of Wales, MA. is the new Winner!

The Cottage Revolution is a family business run by Marcus Piazzo of Wales, MA. Marcus makes 100% hand made, earth friendly scented soybean candles, jewelry and small seashell and gemstone sculptures. The goal of The Cottage Revolution is to offer healthy and earth friendly products that are made from natural and renewable resources that come from the earth.

In a true act of charity Marcus decided to donate the toner cartridges to The Catholic Charities Mercy Centre of Worcester, MA. A Charity organization where his father works.

The Philosophy of The Mercy Centre:

The Mercy Centre program of Catholic Charities recognizes the rights of all people, including those with special needs. Our goal is to help develop the full potential of each person whom we serve morally, physically, cognitively, emotionally, educationally, socially and vocationally.

We believe that by providing comprehensive educational and employment training opportunities for people with developmental disabilities, mental retardation, sensory impairments, and/or physical challenges combined with attentional, communication, motor, medical, and/or behavioral involvement, we are empowering them to reach this goal.

Here is the Mercy Centre's Website.

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