Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dark Side Of The Bizhub

While pondering the possibilities of the content of my next blog post I found myself tapping a rhythm on my desk as I often do while brainstorming. With music always floating around in my head I had the novel Idea of trying to produce a drum track made entirely from the sounds of a copier. So with that in mind I launched my recording software and with mic in hand proceeded to record numerous sounds from the Konica Minolta Bizhub 451 in our showroom.

I captured some great clicks and clacks, doors opening and closing and sounds from parts of the ADF in addition to beats made from my coffee cup, stapler, canned air and also a tone from my phone.

What transpired next was the arrangement of said sounds into a song which reminded me of Pink Floyd's money in some ways. So I finished out the song by adding a dark synthesizer and some ominous speech outlining the insanity and frustration of a malfunctioning office copier.

So here is my latest office imaging industry related work of music.

"Information Technology" Enjoy!

Please click HERE to listen to the song.