Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Destroy Your Printer Contest In New Book

I am pleased to announce that the destroy your printer contest series has been featured as a case study in Mark Schaefer's new book "Return On Influence".

Here is a description of the content within from the book's website.

"Companies like Klout are slicing, dicing, and dissecting the billions of bits of information published on social media sites each day and grading your ability to create buzz. The most powerful of these new “Citizen Influencers” are being rewarded by companies like Audi, Disney, and American Express with trips, merchandise, and luxury cars. Today, anyone can get behind the velvet rope … if you know how!

Return on Influence is your field guide to the new influence marketing!"

I am excited to announce that the prize package for the "Destroy Your Printer Contest 4" will include a signed copy of the book in addition to some other great stuff!

This book is a must have for anyone looking to gain an edge in the world of influence marketing.

Anybody who orders a book during the pre-sale period (at a special price) will also get an exclusive eBook, The Insider's Guide to Klout, after sending proof of purchase to info@ReturnOnInfluence.com.


  1. Nathan, great work and congratulations on the mention. I hope business is well so far in 2012.
    - Karl Tur

  2. Thanks for the kind words Karl and likewise, hope your 2012 is going well.