Monday, March 4, 2013

Qabalistic Sales

The above diagram is the tree of life, taken from the Jewish mystical tradition of Qabalah. The original use of the diagram was to help one "know thyself" and unite with God via the meditation and visualization of different aspects of God as they divide into the ten sephirot laid over three pillars connected by twenty two paths. 

In the above presentation of the tree, you will notice that I have transposed my own approach to the sales process in place of the traditional God names associated with each Sephirot.

While gazing upon the tree one day, I began to imagine the tree with the left pillar (severity), the middle pillar (mildness) and the right pillar (mercy) as a template for the sales process. Over the past two years, I have developed my own style of sales which being mostly the product of psychospiritual introspection, found the tree would make for a perfect visual representation of my approach.

 I believe that sales is first and foremost a game of intentions rather than one of numbers. It is this distinction within my perspective however, that has allowed me to win within the numbers game that sales is...

Via the combination of creative visualization, cold calling, sigilization, emotional alchemical marketing and a continued drive to serve others with the intent of helping and improving the lives of other human beings, I have been able to sign two companies that have eluded my sales team for over twenty years over the course of a one week period.

What am I doing differently? 

I am looking at the sales process as a psychological and spiritual/emotional pursuit rather than that of a financial goal. It is not the commission or the size of the sale that I focus on, but rather how well the customer is being taken care of. 

By showing a level compassion inherent within my elevator pitch, daily cold call routine and mannerisms when in a live meeting, I have found that in light of hard work based upon an intent of love projected towards prospects, I am able to naturally attract business to my client base.

I hope that this graphic is of some use to your own endeavors.

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