Friday, January 22, 2010

Foodie Fridays: Of Uni and Egg

As as a fan of sushi and sashimi I have had my share of toro, and the many delights of thinly sliced raw fish presented in dazzling arrays of floral sculpture presented on plates made to look like ethereal Japanese gardens.

Many times I have also indulged in the creamy goodness of uni or for those of you outside of the know, raw sea urchin. This delectable creature tastes like the like ocean with a notably intense richness of flavor comparable to the finest clams.

Why it took me so long to also ask for this delight to be topped with the quail egg (as is offered in any respectable sushi establishment) I do not know. What I do know is that the taste of the raw quail egg and uni together provide a rather transcendent experience for those who already love uni by itself. Having finally tried this mind bending combination of sea and air creature features at Kaizen sushi bar and grill in Sturbridge, Massachusetts I must say, I regret waiting.

Perhaps it was one of several episodes of Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” where I watched him devour the same sublime combination that inspired my last minute reaction at Kaizen to reply to the waitress, “yes I will have the quail egg with my uni”. Regardless of why I made the decision I realized from the first bite, my uni ritual was forever changed.

Indeed it takes a certain kind to enjoy uni as it is even for the novice sushi lover a new level of extremes within the realm of consuming raw fish. However if you are already there and enjoy the delicacy as is and have not experienced the magic that is the marriage of quail egg and uni I digress,

taste and be amazed.


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  2. Ahoy-hoy Nathan,

    You're making me hungry.

    Don't suppose you heard it was the 50th birthday of the copier on Friday?

  3. Hey thanks for the reminder! Great post, just read it.

    2010 and still no paperless office...

    Gota admit, as a managed PRINT company we are happy about that, lol!

    Hope all is well Pete, take care!


  4. The reminder? You already knew?! You're a man dedicated to his industry, lol.

    I'm good thanks!


  5. Have you told Todd Lalor about Kaizen in Sturbridge, MA? Sounds like a kickin' Sushi joint!