Thursday, January 28, 2010

MPSA - 2010 Looking Forward Webninar

Today at 11:00am I signed into the MPSA's first webinar which will surely be one of many to come. Despite several technical difficulties including The Eagles "Peaceful Easy Feeling", which to the bane of the presenters played over the introduction dialogue while the speakers tried to tame a powerpoint slideshow which seemed to have a mind of its own, freely changing from one slide to the next at random...

The webinar was in fact a success.

The content ranged from where the MPS industry will be heading in the next year or so to what we can expect from the "Big Boys" in regards to SMBs. There was also some commentary on the financial implications of the the industry's growth in the US, Europe and beyond and a albeit short Q&A session that proved to be engaging from my perspective as I had also wondered about HP's "official" and or "unofficial" partnerships.

All in all I think the webinar was insightful and at somepoints, entertaining. Although I don't think the entertaining elements were planned.

Sing with me now.

I got a peaceful easy feeling....



  1. Nathan - it was great to have you there!

    yes, the music was funny...yet nice.

    I like meetings that have character, and are not so polished...hell, I don't even use PowerPoint anymore, just 11x17 and a Sharpie, when presenting.

  2. I saw the headline and image and thought 'Man - those MPS guys are chilled about where things are going! So much so they stand around on street corners wearing trench coats.'

    Alas it was not so.

  3. Greg, I agree I think those little unplanned nuances sort of put me at ease and I enjoyed how those elements broke the ice so to speak.

    I also think that even with the slideshow being so off the speakers had to be even more focused on what they were saying and I felt like the verbal content as noted above was great.