Wednesday, March 30, 2011

EDMS, Baked Chicken and Rigatoni

You are probably wondering what electronic document management software, baked chicken and rigatoni have to do with each other.

Well, according to our partners at DocuWare they have everything to do with each other.

Recently Expert Laser Services and DocuWare entered into a partnership, as we are now offering said robust electronic document management software as another fine addition to our product line.

One of the key marketing dynamics that is a staple within DocuWare is the free luncheons that the company and their partners put on to educate prospects and current customers alike in regards to the extensive functionality and ROI associated with the DocuWare software.

Just yesterday we hosted our first of many DocuWare Luncheons at the ever popular Periwinkles Bar and Grille in Auburn, MA. (see above picture for one of many banquet rooms)

While the presentation itself proved to be a most valuable, interesting and compelling experience for both myself, the present Expert Laser Services staff and our guests, I personally found that the meal which was enjoyed near the end of the event really catalyzed the first inklings of a great relationship with one of the gentlemen I had invited to the event.

Eating a delicious meal together evokes a sense of celebration and suggests the concept of family even in the business atmosphere that the luncheon was clearly projecting. During this time where we were able to share a superb meal of home made rolls, roasted herb and butter baby carrots, baked chicken, rigatoni and Italian sausage with peppers and onions, I found that the best conversations of the event took place during this meal time.

We discussed not only the potential benefits of the software to my guests organization but also about what he enjoyed to do in his spare time, how he started in the industry he worked in and some of the experiences he has had in the different jobs he has had in said position. It was this mealtime conversation which I believe the slight shift from unknowing to the beginnings of having an understanding of one another took place.

Sharing a meal, especially one of quality foods in a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere in conjunction with an educational seminar truly does make for the kind of experience that allows for the first dynamics of human interaction between two folks who have met for the first time to play out in a way that I believe, is superior to that of similar events that do not include said meal.

In retrospect I would say that a great meal is truly the perfect way to open doors to new and or expanded relationships with new and current clients alike.

Does anyone out their have any similar experiences? If so, do share.

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