Monday, May 9, 2011

Leveraging Creativity In MPS

As I sat down at my desk this morning the first thought to enter my mind was how fortunate my sales team is to have a boss who let's each of us use our own creative abilities in our respective positions as sales professionals.

In my own sales endeavors I utilize social media as much as possible. One of the other salesmen is a local politician and has been able to leverage his many connections from said position as a tool in his own work while another has a very focused approach to several niche markets.

Each of us has a very different style and thankfully we are not micro-managed to death by management. Instead we are able to experiment with what works for us as long as the ROI follows and it does, mainly due to the fact that we have the freedom to be ourselves.

Often times I find that there is a sterile rigidity in many corporate atmospheres and such places often times suggest thinking outside of the box as long as a persons actions do not follow suit.

I would imagine that this is due to the inherent risk of allowing individuals to carve their own path (although I would argue that if you have good, trustworthy people on your team there is little to no risk involved).

There is however a downfall to following the old beaten path regardless of its success rate. That danger is ignoring the potential within individual creativity and freedom. While possessing a certain element of risk, a far greater potential for success is born when the sales team and all employees for that matter, have the opportunity to use their own minds and creativity in moving a company forward.

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