Monday, September 12, 2011

Music, Art And... Managed Print Services?

This past Saturday marked an interesting point in both my career as a musician and a managed print services consultant and marketing specialist.

I graced the main stage of the 2011 Open Road Music And Arts Festival with my band Jabooda on what many would consider one of the nicest days of the year, sunlight spreading over the grounds complimenting the cool September air. The scent of gourmet foods and southern specialties wafting from the food vendors and a general sense of delight made the already picturesque scene even more enjoyable.

After a half hour set of music with my band, I moved my gear off stage and quickly took my place at the Expert Laser Services table. I would spend the rest of the day vending with a slew of other local business owners.

The festivals vendor strip boasted the usual fair of food, hemp products, clothing, jewelry, art and music...

I however, was pedaling information about recycled toner cartridges and managed print services.

To my surprise I actually received about ten to fifteen leads. I must admit I was not sure how my "products" would be perceived. Granted the festival had an emphasis on recycling however, it is not to often you see a vendor attempting to market or sell a B2B service at a music festival.

That being said, I did manage to garner the attention of college students, local municipalities, business men and curious passerby's.

I will say that those stopping by probably had their initial interest peaked by this photo on my table...

If nothing else, this one flyer raised many an eyebrow and provided a steady stream of laughs throughout the day.

In the end, I did speak with a few prospects who truly could benefit from a managed print services program based upon the descriptions of their printer fleets and organizations.

I certainly look forward to the prospect of signing a managed print services contract whose origins begin at rock concert.

Will it happen? Only time will tell...


  1. Duuuuuuude!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not bad, not bad at all...xlint!

    I love the QR BC, the music and the INTEGRATED REAL LIFE.(that's a DOTC-ism)

    Rock on !

  2. Thanks, Greg. I thought you might get a kick out of this post. As always, thanks for reading.

    Hope you are well!