Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Believe It Or Not, MPS Is Hip...

As I have watched the MPS industry over the past five years I have noticed a peculiar (and much to my enjoyment) interesting fact.

The MPS industry is ripe with subtle hipsters...

While I am not suggesting that you will find a group of us hanging out in an incense-smoke filled room, drinking absinthe and endlessly discussing the Grateful Dead as a metaphor for MPS, I would note the following...

1. The Death Of The Copier Blog, clearly the most well know and infamous blog in the industry is a veritable pantheon of liberal and even counter-culturally bent perspectives on what many would consider a drab, boring and very much so "un-sexy" corporate industry.

2. Just this week Adventures In Office Imaging fan and guest post author, Amanda Rogerson writes to me in an e-mail "As I see it, here are some of the basic questions to ask as you dive into the deep end of the MPS pool, or drink the Kool-Aid."

3. In a true showing of synchronicity, both myself and Rob Sethre unknowingly wrote articles expounding upon fractals as metaphorical devices to explain various dynamics of the managed print services ecosystem (within a few days of each other none the less).

4. The managed print services association actually has a Karma rating for its users and even Ken Stewart has commented on the actual presence of Karma within managed print services itself.

In the end all I can say is that the managed print services industry has some very creative and "colorful" minds within it's ranks and I am proud to consider myself one of the "in-crowd" in this respect.


  1. Yup, it's hip to be square...thanks Nathan! Interesting, I was just talking about the 'good ole days' - Me, Nathan, Art Post, Jim Lyons, Ken and Ed/Photizo - Lyra 2007&ITEX2007 -

    Before ANYONE was out here on the web talking cool copier stuff and that Hot New Thing, MpS - there was us.

    Good times...

  2. Good times, indeed.

    "the 'good ole days' - Me, Nathan, Art Post, Jim Lyons, Ken and Ed/Photizo - Lyra 2007&ITEX2007"

    Proud to be included with that list of names...

    As always many, many thanks for reading, Greg.