Monday, March 26, 2012

Not Your Grandfathers Cold Call

As part of my roll as an MPS sales consultant, I do at least 10 cold calls (by phone and by foot) every week. I stop in to companies of all sizes and garner the names of either the CFO or IT manager of each potential customer.

A few weeks back I decided that I would do all my cold calls through twitter...

While this was an experiment and will only be something I generally do in conjunction with the more "old school" style of cold calling as time goes on, I can honestly say I had the fastest "call back" from a prospect ever.

A new prospect answered my tweet within a few hours of hitting "send" and compared to the response from cold calling on the phone or by foot, this was something of a new record in speed as far as a response to the call is concerned.

I now have a meeting scheduled with this potential client...

Now this will not be my first sale made through twitter, however this example further suggests the writing is on the wall.

I write this as sign of the times or a warning if you will...

If your not using social media to augment your current marketing and sales endeavors, you are missing out on hot leads. Leads which come from people manning twitter accounts from potential customers who are excited to connect with the human beings on the other side of your twitter account.

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