Monday, September 21, 2009

The bigger they are the harder they fall

So according to the channel insider blog and their "Xerox Fires Back on Managed Print Services" article, Xerox seems to be having a fit over all the fuss that HP is making about now being present in the managed print services industry. David Bates, vice president for Xerox's office group is quick to point out that HP is but a startup within the MPS industry despite the fact of their longevity in the technology industry in general. Dave goes on to say "They may have a relationship with the customer, but do they have the experience to know how to optimize these products? Do they have the workflow knowledge?"

What is funny about Xerox throwing stones is the fact that they do indeed live in a glass house. Compared to some smaller companies like us here at Expert Laser Services they too are but toddlers in the realm of managed print services. They are lagging behind or at best only recently catching up to a program like ours that is over 15 years in the making. With that being said it can't be denied that Xerox is a behemoth not unlike HP and I am sure some would say "who cares if your company has been in MPS longer you guys are a small company, a blip on the radar." These oafs of the industry fail to realize that what starts as a small blip may end as the beast who sinks your ship.

Indeed I scoff at these oafs who claim to be managed print services experts. They are but monsters with big budgets and clever marketing teams. Folks who aggregate industry jargon that means nothing to the people who need the product. If you want something done right you go to the experts who have years of experience, of which all the big boys pizazz will never be equal too.

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