Friday, September 11, 2009

Canned Food Drive, Please Donate!

I decided to put out a box for a canned food drive in our lobby and donate the food to a local Worcester, MA charity called Rachael's Table. After a week I got two more businesses to allow me to put out donation boxes. Now I am working with a local supermarket to set up a third drop spot. It seems the drive is growing and I thought hey, why not hit the net? So if you or anyone you know would be so inclined please send your canned food or boxed food donations (NO GLASS) to

Expert Laser Services
1 North Street
Southbridge, MA 01550

even if 50 people sent one can it could make a huge difference. The Drive will go until the week before thanksgiving at which point the food will be delivered to Rachael's Table. Here is the info about the food pantry

Rachael's Table Distributes donations to over 40 Charity's in the city of Worcester, MA!

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