Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Environmental inkjet evils

From recycler.com:

"Conservative MEP Marina Yannakoudakis has recently visited MBA Group Printers in London and learned that paper that has been used in an inkjet printer cannot be properly recycled. Following her visit, she raised the issue in the European Parliament and called for EU support to help fund economically viable and more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Speaking to the President of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Mrs Yannakoudakis said, “We all know the importance of recycling and it’s a given fact that we would expect paper to be recycled once used. I recently visited a printing company, MBA, in my constituency of London, where I found out more about inkjet printing."

Of course aside from the fact that inkjet cartridges are worse for the environment than toner cartridges in regards to the recycling process of the paper said substances are printed on, inkjet printing is generaly far more expensive than laser toner printing from a CPP standpoint. Read more here.


  1. All of which reiterates the significance of the new biomass toner from Ricoh. Using plant matter to save the trees!

  2. I don't normally jive with shameless plugs for others products but I gota admit the new biomass toner is a thing a beauty. I am down with saving trees.

    Thanks for reading Inks...

  3. Oddly enough I have no association whatsoever with the biomass toner. Like you, I just think it's a great thing.

  4. A great thing indeed! I just bookmarked your blog, good stuff. Looking forward to conversing with you from time to time! IF you have not already checked it out I would highly suggest visiting the Death of the Copier blog

    Also I think you may get a kick out of this contest we did a few months back. People respond well to the prospect of smashing their office equipment!


    Again, thanks for reading inks!

  5. Thanks for the link - I've been enjoying Greg's wisdom for a while now.

    That is THE coolest idea for a printer contest I've seen. Kudos to whoever came up with that one!

    Good to talk with you too - I'll be reading. ^^

  6. I created the contest as a way to kick off our social media program. And I can honestly say that "Destroy Your Printer 2010" will outdo its predecessor.

    We have an explosives professional and a jewelery maker who will be constructing a trebuchet for this years event.

    Should be Epic.