Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Xerox now selling computers?

According to this article from The Associated Press Xerox has thousands upon thousands of computers (see picture above) in the field.

The Associated Press article:

Xerox argued that stand-alone devices that can print, copy, fax and scan should be considered computers and therefore exempted from property taxes under state law."

The eggnog over at xerox must really pack a punch.


  1. What are they trying to accomplish? Do they think they can sell more copiers if people don't have to pay property tax on them? These people are losing it!

  2. Honestly! What I find most interesting is that they really thought they could pull off such an Idea.

    Would love to hear their logic...

    "Well your honor as you can see both of these machines have buttons, screens and make noises from time to time. Clearly these are all computers."

    Well done Xerox. Well done.