Monday, September 20, 2010

Medicinal Guerrilla Marketing?

While out on a sales call this past Friday I came across a curious looking vehicle parked in the back of a PC repair shop. At first glance It looked as if it was just another local hospital ambulance however, upon further inspection it was clear that I had stumbled across an awesome marketing ploy.

I like to think of myself as a
guerrilla marketing enthusiast for the technique of said art is one of my personal favorites in relation to my own marketing efforts. So I was only too excited to find that the vehicle before me was no ordinary ambulance but rather a brilliant example of guerrilla marketing. Once drawing closer I found that the ambulance was in fact an emergency vehicle...

For computers.

The PC Triage Center which happened to be the aforementioned PC repair shop actually did house calls with the old ambulance. The company logos and name being the only aspects revealing the true nature of the automobiles purpose.

And so to the creative minds at The PC Triage Center I say with great pleasure, Haza! Good Job!

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