Thursday, November 4, 2010

"We're Mocking The Industy"

You know how in cartoons where some character is torn between making a decision for good or bad and an angel and demon archetype would appear on one shoulder of said character while their counterpart would manifest on the other shoulder and try to sway their decisions?

Well, when I first looked at the picture in this post on Photizo's MPS insights blog that is the first thing that came to mind.

I will let you figure out which archetype I thought each of them to symbolize....

Anyway, I find that some of the folk in this industry are rather stuffy, all business types who prefer a tight corporate noose and an ocean of paper work to drown in. Granted those people get things done... With that being said I think the post referenced above speaks volumes about the fact that you can be two very important icons within your industry who work equally as hard as the previously mentioned personality and still be a goofball.

I believe in the mantra "If its not fun, why do it?" and I think the above video proves that even within the MPS industry, this philosophy can thrive.

Haza, Greg. Haza, Ken.


  1. Nathan, I am guilty of forgetting to have fun at times, but I have so often found that it is the margin in between this or that task or event in our lives, which show us we are indeed human and should not take ourselves so seriously.

    This was all in good fun, and I know that I have long suffered the pointed jabs of those I hold in high regards in our industry; this is to say that I can poke fun, because "I 'R' one!"

  2. Ken, I think it was great. It gave me a laugh, and I am all for comic relief in film and in real life.

    I think a little mischief is warranted and needed to break up the monotony of corporate life from time to time.

    I thank you and Greg for the "skit".

    good times...