Monday, June 29, 2009

Destroy Your Printer Video Contest!

Ever want to smash you printer with a bat?

So there has been times in the lives of everyone who has worked in an office when you try to make a print or a copy and the printer or copier simply does not comply. After fifty or so attempts all ending in failure, one may feel the need to take a sledge hammer to that copier or printer.

Well now you can do just that...

I am pleased to announce the New England "Destroy Your Printer Video Contest"

It's rather simple and could be great fun! We ask that you make a creative, fun and humorous video of you and your cohorts destroying one of the following: Inkjet Printer, Laser Printer, Copier or Fax/MFP. Then upload the video to youtube and post the url on the comments section of this blog post. After a months time we will choose a winner and the winner will get his or her video posted here on the "Adventures in Office Imaging blog" and they will receive two FREE toner cartridges for their office copier, laser printer, or fax/mfp. see below for full contest details, rules and regulations!

Rules and Regulations.

1. Contest is open only to New England Businesses, large or small.
Contestants may destroy Inkjet Printers, Fax/MFPs, Laser Printers or Copiers.

* We are looking for humorous and creative videos of you destroying your selected piece of office equipment from the above list of types of machines.

* Have fun but be careful, Expert Laser Services will not be held responsible for any injuries resulting from the making of your videos.

2. To enter the contest, create a video, upload it to youtube or a similar video service and post the url as a comment to this blog article.

3. Videos will be reviewed by myself, our CEO and several other ELS representatives.

4. The contest ends July 29, 2009.

5. The winning video will be posted here at the Adventures in Office Imaging blog July 30, 2009.

6. The winner will receive two free toner cartridges via personal delivery or shipment for your offices copier, laser printer or fax/mfp.

7. All video urls will be screened before being posted in the comments section.

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