Monday, June 22, 2009

Songs in the key of MPS

I recently read an article about "copier" tweets on twitter at the Death of the Copier Blog. It is as most of Greg's articles are, relevant, humorous and informative. All of the thoughts in the article remind me of my own thoughts in regards to how twitter has been quite useful in respect to the twitter search engine and the relevant and useful information of which can be mined from said resource.

I noticed Greg has been retweeting some very funny tweets about copiers, copier repair guys, laser printers, toner cartridges and the such. So I did a search of my own and found and retweeted this tweet which Greg later retweeted.

RT @DubiousMonk: RT @AgileRoxy: 1989: Leo Kottke records "Why Can't You Fix My Car?"2009: Jim Hutchins cries "Why Can't You Fix My Printer?"

Jim Hutchins cries "Why Can't You Fix My Printer?" - Being a Kottke fan, notably of his work with Mike Gordon I gota chuckle out of this.

Being a musician, I got proactive...

Please click HERE - to listen to this song about office printer woes and the repair men who are supposed to fix the problem as well as an all around solution.

All instruments and vocals by yours truly.

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