Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rookies in the major league of MPS

Photo by Rafael Amado Deras'

I recently commented at the Photizo Group's Managed Print Services blog about a point made in this post regarding the growth of MPS and the necessary evolution of hardware centric business models to professional service business models based on delivering Managed Print Services of traditional vendors. See below.

11:02 AM
Nathan Dube said...
In your opinion what makes a great MPS company? You mentioned that traditional resellers will be out of business within the next five years if they fail to make the transition to the new business model. So assuming some of these businesses see the changes ahead and create their own MPS programs, what would you say a customer should look for in a great MPS company? When so many companies will be scrambling to offer their own MPS product how does a customer separate the true MPS professionals from old school vendors who are throwing up a new sign and trying to sell you MPS in a box?

12:02 PM
Photizo Group said...
Nathan, you have a good question. The answer is, from my point of view, that there is no 'single' best dealer program. I guess the closest I could define is the Hybrid dealer. This is the dealer that has transitioned from a hardware centric sales focus to a professional services delivery focus. Check out our web site ( for more information.

While the MPS industry may seem fairly new and while the Photizo Group has made a point that traditional vendors will have to adjust to the demands of the MPS industry if they wish to survive, I must say that while there may be no single best dealer program there is in fact (not unlike the realm of baseball) rookies and major league veterans in this industry and the big name vendors who are transitioning to this industry are not always the later. Expert Laser Services for example (of whom I am biased), has been providing a top notch MPS program for more than 19 years. We are in comparison to some companies a small company. However compared to some of the new "Hybrid Dealers" we are one of the true veterans of the MPS world while some of these larger companies have just been called up from the minors so to speak.

No matter how big the name, or how many millions of dollars some of these larger companies make on a global scale, compared to us they are but newbies. The list on
this post at Photizos blog are excellent points about what one should know about MPS. Surely many traditional vendors are scrambling to meet these expectations and ready them selves to make the transition spoken of at Photizo's blog. However even when a giant "old school" vendor with no prior MPS experience takes the time to study, organize, and eventually launch an MPS program and enter the MPS industry, they lack the one thing that we have. Expertise. No matter how you look at it, regardless of the preparations the rookies have made... the major league is a whole other ballgame and in the world of MPS there are smaller MPS companies like Expert Laser Services who are the true veterans of the game. Visit us here and compare our program and years of experience to some of these new "Hybrid Dealers" and decide for your self. Who do you want on your team?

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