Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dell enters hall of shame

Does being a "big boy" give you the right to be a bully? Dell seems to think so...

According to this article from the recycler.com Dell has been placed in The Forum of Private Business's late payment Hall of Shame after the company extended the time it takes to pay suppliers by 15 days.

Below is an excerpt from the article.

Forum spokesman Phil McCabe said: “Small businesses continue to suffer from the blight of late payment, which devastates cash flow and forces firms into administration. Companies like Dell have a responsibility to pay promptly – failure to do so can mean the whole supply chain seizes up.

“When they receive a letter like this, smaller suppliers have no choice but to agree and stay silent. There is little room for bargaining. For the sake of small businesses and the economy the new government must prioritize tackling the culture of poor payment, addressing the bullyboy behavior of these bigger companies.

“In the meantime we will continue to give small firms a voice by holding them to account publicly in our late payment Hall of Shame."

Here's to those who fight for the little guys!

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