Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Inkjet Printers vs. Laser Printers

It amazes me that some small and large businesses alike still use inkjet printers in some of their offices. Below you will see the statistics for the yield of both a laser and inkjet cartridge in comparison to each other. Toner cartridge - $50-$60 Yield - 2,000-3,000 pages. Average cost per black and white print - 2-2.5 cents per page. Inkjet cartridge - $20-$30 Yield - 400-500 pages. Average cost per black and white print - 4-6 cents per page.

NOTE: Above information is based on averages.

Bring color into the mix and your looking at about 70-75 cents per print with an inkjet cartridge and 10-15 cents per print with a laser toner cartridge. It can't be stressed enough how important it is to take a look at your monthly volume and carefully choose a printer for your office. Going with an inkjet printer could cost you serious money in the long run based upon what you pay per print. In addition to paying more per print there are other costly troubles to be expected with inkjet printers including woes such as finding repair services for them as to how many printer service companies will not even offer service on a inkjet printer because they are cheaply made and repairs are often more expensive than the inkjet printer itself. If you print 500-1,000 prints a month and plan on buying a new printer for your office or any other professional setting you would be well advised to go with a laser printer over an inkjet printer.

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