Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Shady" Laser Printer sales.

There are some so called "deals" in the laser printer market aimed at small businesses these days that at first glance may seem very attractive but upon further inspection are nothing more than bad investments in disguise. A lot of small business owners may be attracted to a printer like the HP P1006 because of its cost of about $180. A customer who sees this may not consider a machine like the HP 2300 because clearly it costs more. Or does it? Yes, the HP 2300 does carry a larger price tag even if one was to purchase a Refurbished HP 2300 which would run a buyer about $300. Such a price can be a turn-off especially when you see the much more affordable HP P1006. The affordability of the HP P1006 is however, an illusion. If one took notice of the toner cartridge used in the HP P1006 they would find that the 35A cartridge runs about $70 and will print 1,500 copies of which one would then be paying around 4.5 cents per print. Now if you look at the HP 2300's 10A cartridge which will cost about $135 and yields 6,000 prints one would then be paying only around 2.2 cents per print. So although the cost of the HP P1006 laser printer would initially cost less, you would be paying much more in the long run than if you purchased the larger HP 2300. If you are a small business owner you should take into account just how many prints you are doing monthly before buying an "affordable" laser printer. Buying a printer that costs a couple hundred dollars more can save you serious money in the long run especially if you have a high volume of prints per month. So before you buy your next laser printer take the time to look at your monthly output and do yourself a favor by choosing the right laser printer for your business and its respective printing needs.

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