Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Office printer breaks down...

So a while back you bought a nice brand new laser printer or copier and have been blissfully accomplishing all of your printing needs at a great page per minute output for days on end, week after week, year after year and then kkrzzzzzrrtt! What was that noise? Uh oh! What does this error code mean? Why isn't this machine printing? Ahhh! Well it looks like you are now in need of a printer technician. So who do you call? Before you go throwing money at the first listing you find in your local Google or yellow pages search, consider these variables. A good printer repair service will offer a first time customer a deal, especially in this economy. Secondly take a moment to check if the company sending the tech is registered with the Better Business Bureau and if there are any customer reviews available, having a good printer will not mean anything when you have a nitwit working on repairs when it breaks down. Check to see if the company in question has technicians who are certified to work on the type of machine you need repairs on. Before you hang up after calling in the service request ask how long it will be before the tech arrives and be sure to ask for an approximate cost and a direct line to call back the person who gives you the estimate. If your machine has an error code see if they have a technician or IT professional who can walk you through a simple action to remedy the problem yourself, there's no sense in paying a large fee for something you could have done with a little help from a good customer service rep armed with a codex of common error codes. Of course the most important aspect of getting your printer or copier back on track and getting the machine fixed as fast as possible by the most qualified person for the best price starts with a preemptive strike. You should definitely find out all of this information before you have a problem. You don’t want to have to deal with the stress of a serious printer problem when you need to get that report printed and on your bosses desk in fifteen minutes and you will be glad that you have the best possible candidate ready to tackle the problem shortly after it occurs.

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