Wednesday, June 13, 2012

AIOI Greatest Hits

With the reality of greater lengths of time between posts here at AIOI, I wanted to compile a list of "greatest hits" in multiple categories of content.

Below you will find a hand picked selection of the best posts from my archives.

So, from MPS to printers, copiers and beyond, I present you with the best of Adventures in Office Imaging!

Managed Print Services

1. MPS And The New Paradigm

2. Skipping This Years Recharger

3. MPS, This Ain't Boxes Or Bullsh*t

4. The Division Line

Destroy Your Printer Contest  

1. Destroy Your Printer Contest 1

2. Destroy Your Printer Contest 2

3. Destroy Your Printer Contest 3


1. MPS Interview #1: Chad Anguilm

2. MPS Interview #2: Greg VanDeWalker

3. MPS Interview #3: Greg Walters

4. MPS Interview #4: DOTC

5. MPS Interview #5: Eddie Lederer

6. MPS Interview #6: Harry Hecht

7. MPS Interview #7: Jim Lyons


1. Inkjet Printers vs. Laser Printers

2. TCO And The Human Footprint

3. Environmental Inkjet Evils 

Social Media (Marketing/Sales)

1. Relational Sales Via Twitter

2. MPS Contract Via Social Media

3. Paying It Forward

Environmental Perspectives

1. Green Without Green  

2. New England Landfills Thank ELS!

Guest Posts

1. Amanda Rogerson Speaks On MPS

2. Illuminations On E-Waste

Music (Edutainment)

1. Songs In The Key Of MPS

2. Songs In The Key Of MPS Part II

3. Dark Side Of The Bizhub

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